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Ruby, The King of Gems

Ruby, the precious, red gemstone.

Ruby is a gem variety of Corundum, Red in color and magnificent in attraction. The fire of Ruby is unique to it. With a hardness of 9 Mohr, it is one of the most durable gems, and needless to say, the Rarest of All. A perfect and a pure Ruby without any impurities is deemed priceless. No wonder, Ruby is
titled as the King of Gems.

The richness of the red of this stone makes ruby a unique stone among the gemstone. The stories behind this precious stone cover ruby with unveil myth.

To the ancient, ruby represented integrity, devotion, happiness, healing, courage, romance, generosity, inspiration, and prosperity. According to legend, warriors take it as a talisman to against dangerous and disaster and believed ruby will bring victory. The King believed that ruby symbolizes glory, power and status, and yet The King always goes for ruby as a precious stone to enhance their crown and sword. More than that, in the ancient language of Sanskrit, ruby called “ratnaraj”, means “King of Gemstone”. Ruby, none the less, is a powerful stone and has long been considered a magnet for prosperity, attracting abundance both materially and spiritually

Rubies are today still more valuable and rare than the top quality colorless diamonds. A practical reason for rubies popularity is related to its hardness. Ruby has a hardness rating of 9 on Mohs scale, second only to diamond. This makes it durable enough to adorn frequently worn jewelry items and also stand the test of time when passed from one generation to the next. Furthermore, Ruby’s average size is also generally less than any other gemstone's and hence Rubies are the scarcest of all gemstones and command extremely high prices.

Burmese rubies tend to be the most sought after variety of ruby because of their superior clarity, hue and saturation.

Ruby is the birthstone of July. Since Ruby represents romance and devotion, it is an excellent choice for an engagement ring. It is the traditional wedding anniversary gift for a couple's 15th and 40th and 80th year.

Ruby, a precious stone that can never be overlooked. From the myth that covered ruby to the value that carried forward until now, we can hardly keep it out of our sight.

Best regards
K.K. Exports
The Ruby People

A Legacy of Over 100 Years!

Best regards
Sambhav Karnawat
K.K. Exports
The Ruby KingTM
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