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Fine Rubies Scattered in Space

Indian National Pledge

Indian National Pledge

On this 64th Independence Day of India, Let us all pledge

India is my country and all indians are my brothers and sisters.

I love my country and I am proud of its rich and varied heritage.

I shall always strive to be worthy of it.

I shall give respect to my parents, teachers, class-mates and all elders and treat everyone with courtesy.

I shall be kind to all the animals.

To my country and my people, I pledge my devotion.

In their well being and prosperity alone, lies my happiness.

Jai Hind!

We salute India!

Happy Independence Day!

Proud to be an Indian!

Jai Hind!

Sambhav Karnawat

A Humble Indian

Article recently published in Gem World

The King of Gems

RUBY, one of the rarest & the most mystical gemstones, revered as The Gem of Kings & The King of Gems since ancient times, 300 times rarer than colorless diamonds and one of the most sought-after gemstones in the world. Ruby, the most prominent of the navratna stones, Ruby has everything a gemstone should have, magnificent & attractive color and outstanding fire. Ruby is the gem considered to bring good-fortune, wealth & power to the wearer. Over the years, even diamonds are considered common when compared to this rare beauty & the value of this magnificent gemstone. Normally Rubies also represent the 15th, 40th & the 80th anniversaries.

Origin: Ruby is the red-variety of corundum, which obtains its red color from chromium, one of the rarest elements in the Earth’s crust. The true beauty of a Ruby comes from its unique fire which is due to its fiery red color. The color, which has been known to move hearts & minds of people & which has had dreamy eyes gazing it with mystery, emotion & envy for centuries & generations, shall continue to do so for yet generations to come.

Fine & Exceptional Rubies Over the Years :

1. Delong Star Ruby: One of the finest star Rubies with the strongest star-lines ever. This remarkable piece is a marvel of Nature. One of the few & rare rubies weighing over 100cts. it is one of the most fabulous star gemstones in the world.

2. Carmen Lucia Ruby: The largest of fine Rubies ever known. An exceptional Ruby weighing just over 23 cts. with one of the finest deep red color (close to pigeon blood) & a flash of pink. Being the only Ruby of its kind, ever to be found & known to mankind, it is definitely one of the finest Rubies ever.

3. Rosser Reeves Ruby : Weighing about 138cts. it is a fine & rare Star Ruby, it is also currently in the Smithsonian Museum

4. Mandalay Ruby: A Fine Ruby of over 45cts. estimated at over 10 Million USD.

5.Recently, one of the highest prices per carat ever for a gemstone was also fetched by a Ruby.

Rubies are also a major favorite amongst the royal, the elite & celebrities worldwide. From Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Victoria, Princess Diana, Prominent Queens & Majesties from the Russian & British Royal Families to Elizabeth Taylor, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, The Duchess of York, Marlene Deitrich, Mary Pickford, to Mouna Al-Rashid, Angelina Jolie, Kate Winslet etc. to the extent that some of the them had commented that they didn’t care for diamonds as much as they cared for other gemstones.

“While diamonds, emeralds & sapphires of over 100 carats are available easily, fine Rubies of even over 10cts. are exceedingly rare & priceless.” - Smithsonian Museum of Natural History

About the Author :

Sambhav Karnawat is the 4th generation in the gem & jewelry business from the renowned G.C. Karnawat family who have been in the Gem & jewelry business for more than a 101 years.

Humanity needs you!

Haiti Earthquake, 50000 feared dead!

50,000 people are feared dead when an earthquake of magnitude 7.0 hit Haiti 3 days back! Humanity needs you, your support.
We urge you to help in whatever way, you can! US government announces 100 Million USD relief package.
Attached is a link of UNICEF's website for donation to Earthquake victims!

UNICEF : http://www.supportunicef.org/site/pp.asp?c=9fLEJSOALpE&b=1023561

To donate via Red Cross :

Red Cross : http://american.redcross.org/site/Donation2?idb=1977561265&df_id=4437&4437.donation=form1&JServSessionIdr004=bkjo1ix8q4.app196a

To know about missing people :


Please donate as you are able to & Share a cause of humanity with your friends.

Help for Haiti: Learn What You Can Do

Best regards
K.K. Exports
The Ruby People
A Legacy of Over 100 Years!

Ruby Day to be celebrated on February 19, 2010

Ruby Day

CIBJO is celebrating February 19, 2010 as "Ruby Day". Ruby Day is being celebrated to bring about the focus on Ruby, The King of Gems. Seminars, discussions, research reports, gemological conference etc. shall be conducted on the day. Moreover this is a new tradition for the CIBJO conference, as the Ruby Day is being celebrated just a day prior to the CIBJO conference.

Speakers will include: Wolfgang Hofmeister, dean of the faculty for chemistry, pharmacy and geosciences at the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, Germany; Pornsawat Wathanakul, academic adviser of the Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand and head of the department of earth sciences at Kasetsart University in Bangkok, Thailand; Kenneth Scarratt, managing director and South East Asia director of the Gemological Institute of America Laboratory in Bangkok, Thailand; Adolf Peretti, director of the GRS Laboratories in Geneva; Claudio Milisenda, director of the German Gem Lab in Idar-Oberstein, Germany; Michael Krzemnicki, director of the Swiss Gemmological Institute in Basel, Switzerland; and Elena Gambini, head of the Center for Information and Services on Gemmology in Milan, Italy etc.

The conference is the initiative of Margherita Superchi, a renowned Italian gemologist and president of the CIBJO Gemological Commission. Superchi said her motivation in organizing the event was to ensure that gemologists, jewelers and other industry professionals have an opportunity to discuss recent gemstone research and offer gemological updates at CIBJO congresses.

Have a wonderful Ruby Day!

Be the first one to tell your friends about it.

Hope you are having a wonderful 2010!

Best regards
K.K. Exports

The Ruby People

A Legacy of Over 100 Years!

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