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The 4 Million Dollar Heated Ruby!

The 4 Million Dollars Heated Ruby sold at Sothebys
The 4 Million Dollars Heated Ruby sold at Sothebys. Photo Courtesy : Sotheby's
Wow! That is the only word that comes to mind whenever I see this Ruby! This has to be the most amazing & cleanest Rubies I have ever seen. You can actually see right through the Ruby!

30cts. in weight, Burmese, heated, though from the photo the color looks more like pinkish red (like the Ruby here : Pink Flash Ruby) but I must say, I have never seen a heated Ruby sold at that price! This has one of the many firsts this Ruby has set.

Long live the King! (of gems! :D)

What do you think about this magnificent Ruby?

P.S. : I forgot to mention that this Ruby is actually studded in a ring with 2 GIA graded D IF diamonds each weighing 2cts.+. But the value of those diamonds is noting compare to the value of this beautiful RUBY!

Also, the Ruby beat other Pink diamonds (over 11cts.), Yellow Diamonds, 26cts. E VS1 Heart shape Ruby & many other magnificent gemstones!

Best regards
Sambhav Karnawat
K.K. Exports
The Ruby KingTM
A Legacy of Over 101 Years!

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K.K. Exports, The Ruby King
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