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Ruby Mineral - Corundum

Ruby Corundum Matrix
Ruby Corundum Matrix by the Ruby King

Ruby is a variety of corundum. Corundum is aluminum oxide, the natural form of alumina . It is extremely hard, second only to diamond.
Corundum is the standard for hardness 9 in the Mohs hardness scale.

Corundum occurs in rocks that are low in silica, particularly in nepheline syenite, schists altered by alumina-bearing fluids, and altered limestones. It's also found in pegmatites.
Pure corundum is a clear mineral. Various impurities give it brown, yellow, red, blue and violet colors. In gem-quality stones, all of these except for red are called sapphire. Red corundum is called ruby. That's why you cannot buy a red sapphire!
The raw Corundum crystals are cut and polished to give them perfect proportions and finish.Flat facets are created over the entire surface of the stone, usually in a highly symmetrical pattern.This helps with the reflection of light from the various surfaces(facets) giving the gem a sparkling look.A stone that is shallow "leaks" light out the bottom and is not brilliant. This is called "windowing"--you can see right through the stone, like through a window.
Magnificent Fine Ruby Rough by The Ruby King
Magnificent Fine Ruby Rough by The Ruby King
The process of cutting and polishing gems is called gemcutting or lapidary.
A Natural Unheated Ruby cabochon.
A Natural Unheated Ruby cabochon.
One of the simplest lapidary forms is the cabochon, a stone that is smoothly rounded and polished on top, relatively flattish, and either flat or slightly rounded on the bottom.Its frequently used for transparent materials that contain too many inclusions to yield a good faceted stone and hence is suitable for Ruby.A typical cabbing machine holds several wheels representing a progressive series of diamond or silicon carbide grit, turned by a common arbor and motor, and a water supply that provides a coolant/lubricant to wash away debris and keep the stone from overheating as it is ground and sanded on progressively finer wheels.
The most commonly used cutting technique is Faceting. A faceting machine usually employs a motor that turns a lap, a water supply, an adjustable hand-piece with index gears and a protractor, and an adjustable mast or platform to hold the handpiece assembly. Most commercially available gemcutting machines employ a mast, but a few employ a platform.
Pigeon Blood Red Ruby by The Ruby King
Pigeon Blood Red Ruby by The Ruby King
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Stay tuned for "From where does Ruby gets its red color?" tomorrow.

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where can I order the ruby stone ....? Now I was in Indonesia country, and how much should I spend to get the raw ruby stone ....?? upper awaited answer thank you!

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