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Elegant Rubies and Diamond Necklace

Magnificent Rubies and Diamonds Necklace mounted in 18K White Gold.
Magnificent Rubies and Diamonds Necklace mounted in 18K White Gold. Photo courtesy: Sothebys
Spectacular Rubies and Diamonds Necklace decorated to the center with a stylized clasp set with brilliant-cut and baguette Diamonds. The clasp supports a cascading fringe set with pear-shaped Rubies and brilliant-cut Diamonds.The necklace starts with a double-row of oval Rubies edged by brilliant-cut Diamonds which is then completed by a similarly-set single row of oval Rubies. The combined weights of Rubies and Diamonds are 85 carats and 18 carats respectively. The entire necklace is mounted in 18K White Gold.

Splendid design, isn't it? Share your comments and reactions below.

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Sambhav Karnawat
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