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Genelia D Souza 's wedding theme ~ Jewelove

Genelia D Souza 's wedding theme ~ Jewelove

Genelia D'Souza & Ritesh Deshmukh are finally tying the knot & we will bring you the latest updates of their wedding!

First the probable theme, Ritu Kumar has designed Genelia's mehendi dress while Genelia's friend, Sidney Sladen has designed three outfits for her. However, she isn't sure as to when she will wear them. Sidney has designed a red wedding attire for Genelia - which she most probably will wear in the first half of her wedding. The to-be bride is then expected to change into a blue and gold outfit designed for her by Ritu Kumar. Genelia also has a balck anarkali outfit, a light grey cocktail dress, and a sea-green evening gown at her dispoal and will wear these as and when the occasion demands.

Red or Blue, you choose?

P.S. : Stay updated with Genelia's Wedding!

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